Safe Income Portal: two minutes and seven data
points generate personalized results

A friendly conversation guides the plan participant, step-by-step, to their personalized Safe Income strategy and builds confidence.

  • Provide participants with 3(38) fiduciary advice on retirement age, Social Security claim, lifetime income allocation and asset allocation
  • Participants can compare their optimal strategy with their current strategy to see the impact
  • Participants can seek guidance from optional phone-based professional support

White label our Safe Income Portal to deliver fiduciary advice or use our API to power your custom built user interface.

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Paycheck: integrated assistance to source planned
and unplanned spending

  • When a participant selects a plan for income management, Paycheck creates tax-optimized instructions for quarterly planned spending across in-plan and held-away assets
  • Paycheck considers tax type, current and future cash flows that vary over time, estimated state and federal taxes, and inflation adjustments
  • Our API makes it easy to add Paycheck to a current or new interface
Personalized Paycheck in Retirement.

SafePathSM: a personalized path to track
safety and determine adjustments

  • Provides a comprehensive outlook on upcoming retirement years, addressing the question, "Am I Safe?"
  • Simple and quick answer: if the portfolio balance is within the Safe Zone, continue to spend as planned and could even consider additional discretionary distributions.
  • If the portfolio balance enters the Adjustment Zone, a recommendation is made to reduce retirement spending.

Generally, a retiree's actual portfolio balances are expected to be in the Safe Zone.

Tab SafePath

Execution and management of a personalized
retirement income strategy for plan participants

All capabilities can be made available from your current tools or user interface via API

Participant Benefits

Participant Benefits

  • May increase retirement income with self-serve planning
  • Maximize safe tax-optimal Paycheck with easy to follow disbursal instructions
  • Worry-free retirement - safety tracking, assurance and automated income adjustments
Recordkeeper Benefits

Recordkeeper Benefits

  • Retention of participant’s assets nearing and post-retirement
  • Superior offering to win and retain existing plans
  • Potential new revenue for Paycheck service
Swift Adoption

Swift Adoption

  • Launch a white labeled version of Safe Income Portal, or leverage our API
  • Extend current digital interface with Paycheck’s API
  • Compatible with your current investment lineup and managed accounts

Paycheck is holistic and flexible

On using Income Discovery for retirement income planning:

We’ve learned that moving away from traditional financial plans to those that focus on creating lifetime income in retirement leads to better outcomes for most people.”

Dan Keady, Managing Director, Chief Financial
Planning Strategist, TIAA

We have found Income Discovery to be an incredibly effective and efficient tool for generating and communicating retirement income plans for our clients and prospects. Through its unique way of focusing on maximizing inflation-adjusted cash flow, it allows us to quickly target sustainable spending levels, Social Security optimization, distribution timing and asset allocation. The turnaround time is fast, adjustments are easy to make, the process requires only a minimal amount of client effort to complete.

Bud Green, President, Fortress Wealth Management
Testimonials are provided by current institutional clients. No cash compensation was provided for the testimonials and there are no material conflicts of interest resulting from a relationship with these institutions.