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Income Discovery is a proven
AI powered eminent platform
for Retirement Decumulation to:
  • Drive product conversion and asset consolidation - increase the safe retirement income by as much as 30%
  • Drive prospect retiree conversion - increase the acquisition rate by as much as 254%
  • Drive advisor productivity - save 3 hours servicing time annually per retiree
White-label UI or API
Managing the Ups and Downs of Retirement: Accumulation and Decumulation require distinctly different strategies
  • Climbing up a mountain requires one set of skills and muscles, but going down requires an entirely different approach. Two-thirds of mishaps occur during descent!
Income Discovery tackles the descent: Personalized advice is essential for success
  • Professional guidance and personalized planning for retirement decumulation is missing.
  • A portfolio-centered 75% probability of success approach doesn’t provide sufficient confidence to retirees.
  • There aren’t enough financial professionals to handle the workload of 66 million-plus retirees.
Income Discovery has the decumulation solution: A White Label Platform that Delivers Higher Safe Retirement Income
  • We’ve delivered up to 20% higher Safe Income to more than 73,760 retirees*.
  • At enterprise implementations, we’ve increased retirees’ acceptance rate of a retirement income solution by 254%*.
*As of 12/31/19
AIDA, a powerful AI engine, powers your decumulation business at scale
  • AIDA (Advanced Income Discovery Analytics) will create and allow you to deliver personalized optimal retirement decumulation advice to 66M + affluent retirees that need it.
  • AIDA will allow you to build an efficient, profitable, high scale/volume retirement income business.

Our patent pending engagement process incentivizes retirees to engage at each step with education and personalized solutions.

Safe Income Portal:
Interact. Engage. Acquire.
  • Start the relationship by initiating conversation with prospects who are approaching, or already in, retirement.
  • Designed to engage and acquire them in large numbers.
  • AIDA appears integrated into your brand and makes a strong pitch for working with your firm.
A powerful presentation can drive acceptance rates by more than 254%
Your planners can generate an effective client presentation based on behavioral research that…
  • Compares side by side alternative strategies.
  • Answers retiree's questions and addresses their fears.
  • Give retirees the trust and confidence to spend.
Executive Concierge: Implement and Manage at Scale
  • Executive Concierge is a service being released next.
  • This automated, scalable income management system disburses funds according to the AIDA enabled income plan and assures retirees they are staying on track.
  • Executive Concierge automates execution and communication of the retiree’s selected plan, answers retiree's questions and allows planners to deepen the relationship.
Your customized, branded communications presented as a unique offering
Income Discovery: An extraordinary opportunity to quickly enter an exploding market
  • Baby Boomers control $20 trillion in retirement assets.
  • Engage them early with a real promise of 20% higher Safe Retirement Income*.
  • Alter the narrative from a 75% probability of success to the more relevant "$15,000 more in Safe Retirement Income".
  • Proven white label A.I. technology for quick and economic entry.
*See disclosure for limitations

For a Full & Rich Retirement

Call 888-966-9469 or email: sales@incomediscovery.com
We currently serve only those institutions that will analyze at least 1,000 retirement income cases a year.
The safe retirement income is increased by strategies of Social Security retirement benefit claim deferral, purchase of annuities, changing investment portfolio asset allocation, and deferring retirement age by up to 1 year. The amount of increase and the optimal strategy varies depending on the individual circumstances, annuity payout rates and capital market return expectations. Request the white paper for definition of the safe retirement income, limitations of the analysis, details of the hypothetical client case and assumptions by emailing sales@incomediscovery.com