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Income Discovery Pro is a web-based tool - no software to install; works completely within any browser.

An user id and password is required to access the tool. The tool doesn't issue user id and password. It uses Google Account capability and relies on Google to manage the user id and password.

Already have a gmail address or a Google account?
Your gmail address gives you a Google Account. You can also use a Google Account associated with another email address of yours. When you click on the sign-up button below, you will be taken to the Google Account login page. Use your gmail address or the email address associated with the Google Account and password to login. After login, you will be redirected to the self-registration page of Income Discovery Pro tool.

You will NOT be asked to provide a credit card during sign-up. Evaluation and non-commercial use of the tool is completely free.

We strongly recommend that you review the article titled Signed up for Free Trial - What do I do Next? before you register.

Sign-up using Google Account
If you are logged into your Google Account or gmail address in another browser window, you will not see the login page when you click the sign-up button below. You may see a page from Google asking for permission to share the email address associated with the Google Account. Please grant permission to proceed to the self-registration page of Income Discovery Pro tool.

If you wish to use a different Google Account than the one that you are signed in another browser window, logout or switch from the current account by going to your Google Account page.

Need a new Google account?
You can choose to create a new gmail address or a new Google Account for an existing email address.

Create a gmail address

Create a Google Account Use this to create an account using an existing email address that is not a gmail address.

If you have issues, please email us at or call us at +1 888 966 9469.