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For a Full & Rich Retirement

For a Full and
Rich Retirement
Advanced Income
Discovery Analytics
Empowering you to deliver
tailored strategies for
your client’s unique needs
AIDA Optimizes Retirement Income Strategy
Maximizes Total Safe Retirement Income up to 20%
Minimizes Income Shortfalls Client May Face
Maximizes Average Legacy Bequeathed by Client
AIDA recommends a retirement income strategy that factors in Social Security claim age, investment and annuity allocation.
  • Our recommended strategy delivers up to 20% higher safe retirement income than the client’s existing strategy.
  • Among strategies with similar shortfall risk for a desired income, it selects the one that minimizes the total shortfall the client may face.
  • For further selection among strategies with similar total shortfall, AIDA selects the one that maximizes average legacy bequeathed.
  • Attractive benefits like these give our institutional customers a close rate up to four times higher with AIDA than typical income approaches.
* See disclosure for limitations
AIDA strikes a synergistic balance of Social Security claim age,
investment allocation and various types of annuities
Tailored to the client’s unique cash flow needs
Fixed and Variable Annuities
AIDA’s synergy delivers a 20% higher safe retirement income*
Shortfall Risk
*See disclosure for limitations
Fearful of running out of money, the number of people 65+ still working has more than doubled to 9 million since 2000.
It’s a market receptive to the benefits of Income Discovery, that will swell to 66 million retirees with $25 trillion by 2025! * * Source: LIMRA
SOARING DEMAND FOR INCOME DISCOVERY Afraid, puzzled, uncertain of lifelong cash flow, millions more people are working past age 65. Powered by AIDA, Income Discovery allays those fears, boosting safe retirement income by 20%. For your customers approaching retirement, it’s the perfect solution at the perfect time.
All modules of the Income Discovery software platform work together to grow your retirement income business.
Income Discovery raises your close rate up to 4 times.
It delivers all of these benefits to your firm:
  • Makes trustworthy recommendations
  • Builds long-term relationships based on that trust
  • Expands client base
  • Increases retirement assets you advise on
  • Helps you meet your fiduciary responsibilities*
*Download an attorney opinion letter from The Wagner Law group on how Income Discovery assists in meeting the Best Interest Standard of Care of the DOL Fiduciary Rule
Let’s sum up why Income Discovery is appealing to your clients…
and profitable for your business.
  • 1 Maximizes total safe retirement income up to 20%
  • 2 Minimizes near-worst case total shortfall
  • 3 Increases legacy 20-40%
  • 4 Raises your close rate up to 4 times
  • 5 Delivers a full and rich retirement to your clients
Indisputably, Income Discovery is your strategic partner to
serve the burgeoning $25 trillion retirement income business.

We currently serve only those institutions that will analyze at least 1,000 retirement income cases a year.
*See disclosure for limitations

For a Full & Rich Retirement

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The safe retirement income is increased by strategies of Social Security retirement benefit claim deferral, purchase of annuities, changing investment portfolio asset allocation, and deferring retirement age by up to one year. The amount of increase and the optimal strategy varies depending on the individual circumstances, annuity payout rates and capital market return expectations. Request the white paper for definition of the safe retirement income, limitations of the analysis, details of the hypothetical client case and assumptions by emailing: sales@incomediscovery.com
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