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Create more retirement income at less risk through smarter strategies





One-click magical optimizer to find the right allocation



Automation and integration to drive efficiency



Present the performance of plans as the story of individuals, not as statistics




Retirement Income Optimization Software for Advisors

  • Change your focus from optimizing income portfolios to optimizing income strategies. Find answers to:
    When to tap existing sources of retirement income for your clients? Which new sources, such as annuities and bond ladder, to set-up? What order to withdraw money across various accounts?
  • Efficiently structure a distribution plan for your clients through a one-click optimizer.
  • Justify the proposed strategy by presenting the performance of plans as the story
    of individuals, not as statistics. Read more
  • Deliver the value of smart income planning, gamma as it is beginning to be called,
    that provides higher retirement income at less risk:
    $5000 more annual income for Brady Family at lesser risk through deferral of Social Security
    and use of annuities and bond ladder. View case study
    $8000 more annual income for Robert Smith through tax optimized withdrawal order across accounts. View case study
  • View Instructional Videos with Income Discovery Founder Manish Malhotra and The American College's Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA
  • Register for an upcoming introductory webinar or an advanced webinar.
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Questions +1 888 966 9469Questions
+1 888 966 9469.
Explore the Knowledge BaseExplore
the Knowledge Base